Sunday, September 12, 2010


"Talisman", hand made necklace and earrings by Natassa Fokianidou-Theodoridou

Natassa, who is also known as Pharaona, lives and works as a fiber artist in Thessaloniki, Greece.
She says about her work:"Yarns are a very seductive adventure for me. Whenever I see any sort of weaving it always attracts my attention. A silk shawl or a cotton blouse make me instantly observe their way of construction and how they are weaved or knit, whether they are hand made or machine made. I begin immediately to make a story. How it would look in another color, with what other fabric it would go on well, where it comes from… and all this happens in a fraction of time, many years now. As a result of this craze with yarns and weavings I keep on experimenting with combining them with other materials. Wood, stones, beads, bones, dried flowers, shells, silver and gold, brass, wire, glass, leather, papier mache. What I really enjoy is when materials have a completely opposite texture, and the color combinations are daring and unusual. But what satisfies me the most and feel it deep in my heart is that: part of me is concentrated right on my work bench and my other half flies untamed on top of the sea, on mountains, volcanoes, woodlands, lakes, rivers, waterfalls that are full of the daylight, the dusk and the dawn, living alone with a rhythm full of mystery.
There, along with all these, I love, and I keep being creative."

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